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A Community of Respect

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I'm not really sure what the point of this community is. I only made it because I'm bored, and not at all tired (even though it's 2:00 am).

But hey, it's good to be proud of where you come from, and I know I sure as hell love Sharon, MA... and I thought hey, I bet a lot of other people love Sharon as well.

So if you're from Sharon (or if you wish you were from Sharon) and you want to join this community, you have to fill out this little application.

Hair Length:
5 Favorite Bands:
5 Favorite Movies:

Question Time
Are you actually Jewish, or are you just pretending to fit in?:
Do you love Mr. Lengas, or do you LOVE Mr. Lengas?:
How many times have you jumped into Lake Massapoag just because you had nothing better to do?:
Be honest now, have you ever had any relations with someone named Mary-Jane?:
And do you take comfort in the bottle... every weekend?:
(If you're a girl) do you often wear tiffany's jewelry?:
(If you're a boy) do you dress in baggy pants, even though you're anything but ghetto?:
Are you scarily obsessed with your grades in a way that a person from any other town wouldn't understand?:
And Fazzio, is he on a power trip or is he trying to actually build a "community of respect"?:
Are you a crazy liberal?:

You'll probably get accepted into this community unless
1. You're not an actual Sharonite
2. You suck, and you'd have to suck A LOT to not be accepted

Once you are accepted you can post... well pretty much whatever you want.

There is one rule however. The title of every post you make after you are accepted must be SHARONITE.

Other than that, there are no other rules...
If you want to start drama, go ahead. That is what Sharon is based on after all.

If you want to tell everyone about your day, go ahead. People may not care about what you have to say at all, but that won't stop them from pretending they actually give a crap.

If you want to give the community some fun filled facts about the town, go ahead. Everyone will probably think that you have too much spare time, but they'll also probably be rather understanding because living in Sharon can get pretty dull (and therefore they'll know why you have too much spare time).

If you want to complain about a teacher, a friend, the officer who crashed your party last night, go ahead. I would, in one of these cases, suggest making your post friends only... unles you REALLY REALLY like drama. People seem to forget these days that livejournals are actually open to everyone on the internet.

P.S. If someone wants to make a nice format for this community it would be much appreciated since I have no idea how to do it myself.
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